Antonio Araújo: Korzus guitarist officially a Jackson Guitars artist!
Posted on 02/14/2019 @ 3:25 pm | 576 views

Renowned guitarist Antonio Araújo (Korzus) has just signed an endorsement contract with Jackson Guitars, a traditional American guitar brand. Jackson Guitars came as legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads approached Grover Jackson, a renowned guitar maker, wanting a new guitar model partially inspired by the Gibson Flying V. Antonio Araújo identified with guitars over the years and finally managed to sign with the brand.

Read statement by Antonio Araújo:

“It’s been more than twenty years on this path of guitar and rock. A lot of dedication, a knife-edge punch, a love story for music and stubbornness. I remember when, in my teenage years, I first played alongside a friend named Marcelão, from Recife, who had a Jackson Rhandy Rhoads. For me … The brand has always been a consumer dream. An object of desire. Today I am super happy, feeling accomplished and rewarded for the recognition of that brand that is a worldwide guitar icon. Let’s move on! Produce, touch and create. Metal!”

Alongside his Korzus teammates, the guitarist celebrates this unprecedented feat in his career. The Korzus is currently formed by Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Dick Siebert (bass), Heros Trench (guitar), Rodrigo Oliveira (drums) and Antônio Araújo (guitar). Among demos, albums, vinyls, CDs and other products, considered metal classics, musicians are known worldwide and in Brazil and promise great news for fans in 2019.

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