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February 3rd, 2014 @ 8:00 pm | 1,258 views

There is no heavy metal fan in this whole country who does not know Korzus. They are undoubtedly one of the most respected and highest profile within the metal scene in Brazil bands. Completing 30 years of career the band has put together a special show which presents Mass Illusion 1991 Disk full 12 greatest hits from their other albums. And on 09 March is the time of Sorocaba receive this great show what happens in Pirilampus Bar

Check out the video where band leaders Marcello Pompeu and Dick Siebert invite fans in the region for the event.

Tickets for the Korzus show in Sorocaba, are now available in retail outlets.
_ Voltec Musical Instruments Scarpa Francisco-Street-95, Sorocaba;
_ Rock Gallery – 281 Francisco Scarpa, Sorocaba;
_ Radical Vest Iguatemi Esplanade and the Radical Vest Sorocaba Shopping.
_ Pirilampus Bar-Av.Comendador Ignatius Pereira, 1801;
_ Santelmo Lessor in Piety Street-Mal Floriano Peixoto, 239
_ On the Internet, visit:
* Values ​​R$ 35 (FIRST TRACK LOT) and cabin R$ 50.00 (amounts subject to change)

In parallel the band finishes recording its new album to be released in the first half of 2014.

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12/16/13 – Korzus: Pocket Beneficent Show!

Korzus will participate in the charity event to be held on 22/12 at Manifesto bar. For this presentation will feature on guitar Soldado Nejem , replacing Antonio Araújo

12/04/13 – The Korzus, one of the most important bands in heavy metal national, held a special concert at Club Clash November 23 (Saturday).

The band performed the album in its entirety “Mass Illusion,” his most emblematic work, released in 1991. And also played several classics throughout his career as’ Internally ‘and’ Discipline of Hate “, among others.
The current formation is Korzus: Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Dick Siebert (bass), Antonio Araújo (guitar), Heros Trench (guitar) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums).

The show featured opening band Voodoo Priest, new band of Vitor Rodrigues, former lead singer of Torture Squad.
Check out photos from backstage of the event:

11/29/13 – Pictures by Gulherme Nozawa, Clash club

11/22/13 – KORZUS – Metal band celebrates 30 years playing their classic album in Sao Paulo

Celebrating 30 years of career in 2013 , the Brazilian band Korzus gifting fans with a unique presentation . The distinguished group will play the classic thrash metal album ” Mass Illusion ” (1991 ) in its entirety , on Saturday ( 23 ) at Clash Club, São Paulo .

“Mass Illusion” is the first great classic of the band and this 30th birthday he was chosen to be a turning point in our career,” says vocalist Marcello Pompeu in an interview to Folha . ” Play this album takes us back to old fans and also recalls the golden days for youngsters . Balanced To us is new to this celebration . ”

With a legacy respected by all metal fans in Brazil, the current lineup of Korzus has Marcello Pompeu (vocals) and Dick Siebert (bass), Antonio Araujo (guitar) ,Heros Trench (guitar) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums.).

The legacy left by Korzus is to see the growth of the metal at its maximum fullness. In the eighties were a few fans in the city, instead we are now tens of thousands . The quality of new bands and the whole structure of the heavy metal industry greatly improved and is more professional. This for us is already a source of pride , “said Pompeu .

Besides being vocalist Marcello Pompeu also dedicated his career in the studio of music producer Mr. Som in São Paulo , which has won several Grammys Latinos with bands like Oficina G3 .

“A while ago I realized that to Metal music production in Brazil was wholly void. I felt empowered to enter into this professional niche for that somehow I could join quality for Brazilian bands and some extra cash” says. The Mr. Som is a reality and Heros and I already have signed more than 600 productions, as well as national and international awards.

A new album is already in the Korzus plans for the coming years, had his last studio release marked the work Discipline of Hate ( 2010) . ” Our new album is already being recorded and is expected to launch in March 2013 . In our view this work will be the most brutal of our entire career ,” he concludes .

The Sao Paulo show will also feature the opening of VoodooPriest , New Project of Vitor Rodrigues, former and ex-lead singer of Brazilian band Torture Squad .

WHERE Clash Club
WHEN November 23
ADDRESS Rua Barra Funda, 969 – Barra Funda – São Paulo / SP
TICKETS $ 25 (promo)
RATING 16 years


Korzus is celebrating its 30-year career on the road. This Saturday (23), the band takes the stage at Clash Club in Sao Paulo. Besides classical trajectory, Antonio Araujo (guitar), Heros Trench (guitar), Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Dick Siebert (bass) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums) will perform the album Mass Illusion” (1991) in its entirety “. Tickets cost $ 25 (lane / promotional half) and $ 50 (box / promotional half) and can be purchased over the Internet. The opening night is on account of the Voodoo Priest, group headlined by Vitor Rodrigues (ex-Torture Squad).

11/22/13 – KORZUS in Combat Rock
Without Korzus, there would be no Sepultura and Krisiun. The statement is pedantic, even arrogant, but true to where the listener / reader wants. About to turn 30 years of career, the São Paulo thrash metal quintet probably is best illustrated : his music became an international reference , its musicians are revered and his last work , “Discipline of Hate ” , 2011 , received the best marks in reviews national and international journals .

Live your best time in three decades does not mean that the band are currently in calm waters . Ok , guys can not complain , as they have plenty of recognition and do shows regularly , and always crowded . But the mission is not over yet . In fact , never end . ” Devote yourself to a genre that has a lot of popularity has its price , but there is public, that is true , even if not all the musicians enjoy the benefits of full houses ,” says Marcello Pompeu , vocalist and sole original member .

11/19/13 – KORZUS at Heavy Nation
Click here to listen:

11/19/13 – KORZUS – Korzus in Wikimetal

On the National Pride this week brought another historic band! The band Korzus, which this year celebrates 30 years of pure thrash metal.

Rafael Masini talked to one of the founders of Korzus, Marcelo Pompeu that beside the great bassist Dick Siebert struggled to Korzus reach the age of thirty with breath to spare.

Pompeu told the Wikimetal what has changed and what has not in the soul of Korzus in all those years of battle. The singer also talked about the show celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band that will be on November 23 at Clash Club, São Paulo.

11/19/13 – KORZUS – Article on the website G1

The heavy metal band Korzus does show with the repertoire of the album “Mass Illusion”, considered the most emblematic work of the group. The album, released in 1991, has tracks like “Agony”, “Victim Of Progress”, “Pfyl” and “Beyond The Limits Of Insanity”. In this presentation, Korzus also plays other hits of his career such as “Internally” and “Discipline of Hate”. The group is formed by Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Dick Siebert (bass), Antonio Araujo (guitar), Heros Trench (guitar) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums).

10/31/13 – KORZUS – Finished recording guitars for the new album

The pair of guitars from Korzus, Antônio Araújo and Heros Trench, finalized this week recording the guitars of the band’s latest work. The CD, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2014 is in the final stages of production. Antony declares: “We were impressed with the sound that this recording took! A very heavy and sharp timbre … Surely this will be a great album Korzus. Might expect a lot of violence sound!”

On Saturday (23/11) Korzus, one of the most important bands of thrash metal scene, makes a special show celebrating 30 years of career in Clash Club. The show also features the opening band Voodoo Priest, new design Vitor Rodrigues, former lead singer of Torture Squad. Tonight the classic “Mass Illusion” 1991, one of the most highly regarded albums of the genre will be presented in full to the fans as well as music from all other works of the band.

Official information about the event:

10/30/13 – KORZUS – Show in São Paulo!

VENUE: Clash Club
ADRESS: Rua Barra Funda, 969 Santa Cecilia
TICKETS: R$ 25 (pista – 1º lote – estudante/meia entrada e promocional)
R$ 35 (pista – 2º lote – estudante/meia entrada e promocional)
Camarote R$ 50 (1º lote – estudante/meia entrada e promocional)
R$ 70 (2º lote – estudante/meia entrada e promocional)
Venda On-line:
Galeria do Rock – Loja 255
(Rua 24 de Maio, 62 – 3361-6951)
TIME: 18H00

10/28/13 – KORZUS – 30 years Concert Live in Manaus

The Black River Productions had the honor of bringing the scene manauara one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian heavy metal – KORZUS – touring with his 30-year career leading to the world the true feeling of indignation against poverty Brazilian music (Funk, pagode and other …) in the form of spectacle. What was seen yesterday appeared a real lesson in thrash metal, talent, grit and determination of some of the best national bands of the moment. 30 years of history and struggle for extreme art that permeates the lives of thousands of people. Check out more photos: Facebook Black River Produções.

10/15/13 – KORZUS – Article in the journal A Critica de Manaus

There is no Heavy Metal Fan in this whole country that not know Korzus. They are undoubtedly one of the most respected bands and more prominent within the metal scene in Brazil. Completing 30 years of career the band has put together a special show where he presents the album Mass Illusion in 1991 integrates over 12 hits from their other albums.

The first show of this tour commemorating happens on the 19th October in the beautiful city of Manaus, in the quadra da Aparecida. Also participating in the event the band Forka with the tour promoting their latest release “Black Ocean”, which has achieved prominence and showing the band on the national scene.

SHOW: Korzus – Tour 30 years in 2013
LOCATION: Quadra da Aparecida
DATE: October 26
HOURS: 20h00

In parallel to the band finishes recording their new album to be released in the first half of 2014. To monitor the activities of Korzus visit:

09/24/13 – Korzus launches beer in “Beer Experience”

On the 27th of September (Friday), will be launched during the event Beer Experience one of the largest events dedicated to the beer market “Korzus Stout” that carries the brand andenergy of the group. Metal gets a new national product to strengthen the scene from all over Brazil.

Check out the information about the event.

Days: 27, 28 and 29 September
Location: Bienal do Ibirapuera
End: Avenida Pedro Alvares Cabral, s / n º – Gate 3
Beers in Event: Priced between R$ 3.00 and R$ 200.00
Accepted money and Debit Card


Friday – Day 27/09 – headlining – MATANZA
Saturday – Day 28/09 – headlining – YOUR JORGE
Sunday – Day 29/09 – headlining – DEMONS OF drizzle

Censorship 18 (Obligation to valid identification document with photo)

More infos:

About the product:
Legend has it that in 1677, a manuscript was found in the word Stout, synonymous with strong beer, offered only true warriors, since 1983. The Korzus keep the respect and tradition of Thrash Metal, causing KORZUS HEADBANGER can be considered BEER Beer Metal Warriors. Enjoy in moderation to the sound of Korzus.

Ingredients: Water, barley malts, hops and yeast.

Product Registration in MAP No.: SP-10952 00005-1.

Produced byCervejaria Dortmund Ltda. Rod SP 360, Km 144.7 S / N, Serra Negra – SP.Cnpj: 11.520.444/0001-74 – Brazilian indutria –
Product for over 18 years. If you drink do not drive
Store in Vertical, Save under the sun in a clean, cool, dry and odor free. Do not freeze.
Physical avoid shock. Sac: (19) 3892-1840
Distributed by Bushido Import and Export Ltda Brazil.
Phone: 55 (19) 3874-2853 – Sales:

09/16/13 – Korzus: show at Expo Music this weekend.

09/12/13 – Korzus: starting the celebrations of 30 years with show at Expo Music.

In his 30 year career Korzus released six studio albums, two live and two compilations including the classic Mass Illusion in 1991 and his most recent “Discipline of Hate” which brought the band notoriety within the Metal scene with shows in Rock in Rio, highlighting the presentation in the infamous Metal Open Air where the band played a show polemicist and unforgettable nearly 3 hours, participation in numerous radio and TV programs and concerts throughout Brazil mostly as Headliner of festivals alternative in states including Pará, Roraima, Ceara, Alagoas, Maranhão, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

Check out the service’s show Korzus Music Expo in 2013:

SHOW: Korzus – Expo Music 2013
VENUE: Music Hall – Expo Center Norte. R. José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme – SP
TIME: 15:00
TICKETS: At the box office of the Local

08/12/13 – Korzus in “A Tribuna” of Santos.

The band returned this weekend will Santos to promote “Disciple of Hate”, considered one of the best albums released in 2010 by the specialized press. The show took place on the 9th of August in Tribal Club in Santos. The opening was the responsibility of the girls of the band Nervosa, one of the sensations of the national scene and the Symphony of Malice (USA) and gained prominence in the newspaper A Tribuna de Santos the largest publication of the region.

Recognized as one of the leading names in Brazilian heavy metal, Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Heros Trench (guitar), Dick Siebert (bass), Antonio Araujo (guitar) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums) performed the main compositions of his seven phonograph records.

Check out the article below: PORTUGUESE ONLY

06/06/13 – Dick Siebert uses Fire custom shop “Bass Pusher” pedals.

05/28/13 – Korzus at Uberlandia

05/25/13 – Korzus tattoos

05/21/13 – Korzus: 30 years of love with Heavy Metal

To read, access:

05/18/13 – Korzus interview to website

To read, access:

05/08/13 – Korzus interview 30 years with Dick Siebert

05/08/13 -Recalling interview at Wikimetal

05/06/13 – Korzus at Hey You Music Festival em Manaus.

05/03/13 – Drum classes with Rodrigo Oliveira

03/20/13 – KORZUS back to Santos after 3 years!

December 30th, 2012 @ 6:55 pm | 846 views

11/29/12 – Korzus at Favela Rock Show.

Dia: 14/12
Sexta Feira, 20h

A Lona Cultural Herbert Vianna fica na Rua Ivanildo Alves, S/N
Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro
Informações pelo telefone: 21 3105-6815

08/11/12 – Korzus confirms participation in the CC show in SP

Os paulistanos da banda Korzus, um dos maiores nomes do metal nacional, confirmam participação no show da banda Cavalera Conspiracy, em São Paulo. A apresentação acontece no próximo dia 17 de novembro, no Espaço das Américas, e também contará com a participação da icônica banda punk Ratos de Porão e os gigantes do Krisiun.
Os ingressos para este evento histórico já estão à venda no site Ingresso Rápido. Os bilhetes custam R$ 120,00 (pista) e R$ 360,00 (camarote), ambos com direito à meia entrada para estudante. Mais informações no serviço abaixo.
Atualmente em turnê para suporte de seu último e aclamado álbum, “Discipline of Hate”, considerado por muitos o melhor carreira, com músicas ainda mais pesadas, diretas e com temas atuais a banda formada por Marcello Pompeu (vocal), Antonio Araujo e Heros Trench (guitarras), Dick Siebert (baixo) e Rodrigo Oliveira (bateria) garante uma apresentação histórica nessa reunião que promete ser um dos maiores acontecimentos do metal nacional em décadas.
O evento faz parte de uma turnê do Cavalera Conspiracy pela América do Sul e Central e passará pelo Brasil para 04 apresentações em novembro.

Confira o serviço completo abaixo:

Serviço São Paulo

Cavalera Conspiracy + Krisiun + Korzus + Ratos de Porão

Data: 17/11/2012 (Sábado)
Abertura da casa: 18h
Local: Espaço das Américas
Endereço: Rua Tagipurú, 795 – Barra Funda.
Censura: 18 anos
Pista (1°lote) – R$120,00 (inteira) e R$60,00 (meia)
Camarote – R$360,00 (inteira) e R$180,00 (meia)
Bilheteria oficial SEM taxa de conveniência: TEATRO TUCA
End: Rua Monte Alegre, 1024 – Perdizes.
Funcionamento: de terça a domingo, das 14h00 às 20h00.

Vendas online:

Informações sobre políticas de uso:

Credenciamento de imprensa, press release e informações adicionais:

Produção: Awake Media / GW Entertainment

11/07/12 – Show postponed in São José dos Campos

10/23/12 – Korzus: brazilian living history of Metal.

There is no need to introduce Korzus for those who enjoy Metal, the nearly three decades in business speak for themselves. Not to mention the great respect, reciprocal, between band and audience. You only need a message for anyone who is getting to know the heavier side of music: No need to go Europe and USA seeking bands in the genre, as one of the largest that exist here in Brazil, Thrash Metal at its core. Check out what bassist Dick Siebert said in an interview very honest and humorous.

Click here to read the full interview! [portugues only]

10/14/12 – Fan playing “Raise your Soul” from Discipline of hate, check it out!

10/10/12 – Interview with Pompeu to Rock Bike Tattoo

09/06/12 – Korzus interview to Jornal da Cidade

To read the interview click here! [portuguese only]

07/29/12 – Pictures from the show at Sesc Pompeia/SP

The Brazilian thrash metal band Korzus is gaining more and more of your space. Within a music scene extremely subject to change, the group has the respect of fans for their professionalism and dedication to style. On the International Day Of Rock (July 13, 2012) in the capital Sao Paulo, birthplace of the band, they performed a single fiber and presentation effective for headbangers present at SESC Pompeia scoring night with many wheels and no doubt with the charisma of each of the musicians. As has always been an excellent performance of the quintet that each day brings the maximum quality of national metal.

Worth checking the photos by clicking here:

25/07/12 – Cwb Live Interview – Korzus, the power of the brazilian thrash metal

The Brazilian thrash metal band Korzus is gaining more and more of your space. Within a music scene extremely subject to change, the group has the respect of fans for professionalism and dedication to the style. The Cwb Live presents an exclusive interview with vocalist Marcelo Pompeu talking about the new album, the band’s career and the show in the controversial Metal Open Air

Formed in 1983, Korzus has nearly 30 years on the road and always remained true to his style. According to vocalist Marcelo Pompeu, the secret is to believe in their work. “The main thing is to love metal, love what you do, do not bother with the fashions that come every year and also keep active, regardless of the time. I know that all this is difficult, but we did” he explains. [portuguese only]

07/16/12 – Korzus at Thrash Zone show

The show THRASH ZONE from the Metal Militia website will play some songs from Korzus. The days and the time follows below:

Monday 07-16 – from 18 to 20 hs
Friday 07-20 – from 12 to 14 hs
Sunday – 07-22 – from 16 to 18 hs

07/10/12 – Special interview to Rock Express Cast

In celebration of Day of Rock, Rock Express Cast, went to the studio Mr. Som to chat with Marcello Pompeu, singer of the band Korzus. Pompeu talks about the Metal Open Air, the band’s career, the album Discipline of Hate, the band trivia and more! [portuguese only]

06/04/12 – Korzus at May edition of the Comando do Rock magazine

04/18/12 – Pompeu interviewed by G1 website from Globo

Check it out:

04/17/12 – Korzus confirmed at Viradão Carioca 2012

The metal band Korzus is confirmed among other bands such as Sepultura, and the group Raimundos and Monobloco for Viradão Carioca 2012.

The event, sponsored by Riotur in partnership with Globo Rio, is in the 4th, 5th and 6th of May at four points of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The stage will be in Bangu, West Zone, the Quinta da Boa Vista in the north, and Lapa, Centro. In the South Zone, is the Circus Stage Arpoador.

The list shows also includes Kid Abelha, Naldo, Lulu Santos, Vanessa da Mata, Mulheres de Chico, Rancore, Michael Sullivan, Rio Samba Roll, Korzus, Ana Carolina, Gusttavo Lima, Galinha Pintadinha, Palhaço Topetão, Banda Volk, Arlindo Cruz, Batuk do Gueto, Erasmo Carlos, Arlindo Neto, Cidade Negra, Detonautas, Jammil e Uma Noites, Luan Santana, Márcio G, Dead Fish, Pique Novo and MV Bill.

The festival will also feature rap battles, the participation of the Angolan Titica artist who sings the hit of the moment Kuduro, and a sequence of presentations of humorists. The show of Korzus will take place in the Stage of Quinta da Boa Vista on May 5, 2012 and is expected to happen 22:00.

The official program of the event with the schedules have not yet been released by Globo RJ organizer of the event.

03/19/12 – KZS – Re-release in Digipack format by Voice Music

CD required in the collection of any Headbanger!

03/17/12 – Thanks Zak!!!

03/17/12 – Antonio Araujo visits factory of guitar pedals FIRE!

Guitarist Antonio Araujo, on Wednesday visited the factory of the pedal FIRE! The musician is sponsored by the brand and took a trip up there to pick up your new Pedal Power Booster and record everything on video! It’s worth checking out.

Recalling also that the guy is a guitar teacher in Mr sound studio. For more information send email to: aulas.antonio @

03/16/12 – New show of Discipline Of Hate tour!

The show will be on March, 23 in Brasilia at the “Brasilia In Concert II” project. See you there!

02/27/12 – Korzus announces the winner of the promotion: MEGA TRIP to EUROPE!

Meet here the winner: Edmar Alves Pinto / MG

02/23/12 – Korzus + Soulfly in Sao Paulo

02/09/12 – Korzus in Bauru!

TICKETS: 55 (14) 3245-3254 OR 55 9101-2587

01/26/12 – Rodrigo Oliveira at round table of metal at Modern Drummer magazine

Check out in the latest edition of Modern Drummer magazine a chat with the best metal drummers in Brazil. Various subjects such as practice, double bass, tours were discussed in a very relaxed chat. Check out the magazine cover below:

01/02/12 – Fire Ultimate Distortion (HomeStudio Tips)

Antonio Araujo, Korzus guitarist, in a demonstration of the highgain distortion pedal manufactured in Brazil, the Ultimate Distortion FIRE.

Gear in the video:
Guitar – Fire Ultimate Distortion – TC Electroninc Flashback Delay (Tape Mode) – Fractal AxeFX Ultra (USA Clean)

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