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News 2011
December 30th, 2011 @ 5:55 pm | 1,962 views

12/30/11 – KORZUS confirmed at METAL OPEN AIR 2012!

The Negri Concerts in partnership with CKConcerts and Lamparina Produções announces for the Metal Open Air festival one of the most talented bands in the Brazilian scene: Korzus.

Several attractions have already been confirmed: Anthrax promise of a closing day of the festival in style, with the return of Joey Belladonna on vocals, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Dio Disciples, Obituary, Exodus, Destruction, Otep, Fear Factory, Volbeat, besides the brasilians Krisiun, Andre Matos, Torture Squad, Shaman, Drowned, Unearthly, Attomica, Hangar, Terra Prima, Semblant, Obskure, Headhunter D.C. and Expose Your Hate. Although there are many national and international bands to be announced soon.

Tickets are on sale on the website of Ticket Brazil ( and the site of METAL OPEN AIR (

12/23/11 – Korzus at Beholder Fest Diadema/SP – 12/18/2011

Pictures by Ricardo Ferreira and Érika Beganskas

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

12/14/11 – Antonio Araujo – Endorsement with the brazilian guitar pedals “FIRE”

One of the guitarists from Korzus, Antonio Araujo, recently announced on his personal page on the social network Twitter that closed a contract with the famous guitar pedal brand Fire. Antonio is the newest member of the band Korzus and his first job was in the band was the acclaimed album “Discipline Of Hate” that promises an even more powerful successor album. Declares the musician “I was truly impressed with the quality of FIRE products! I could go to the factory and witness the care and affection with which the products are assembled! It is no wonder that sound is so perfect …”

11/23/11 – Rodrigo Oliveira – Workshop at João Pessoa

Rodrigo Oliveira will do a workshop in November 25, 2011 at João Pessoa in the Semana do Musico 2011.
The event is scheduled for 13:30 am. More information: (83) 8812 3999 / 96137093

11/21/11 – Korzus at Curitiba/PR open act to Overkill 11/06/2011

Pictures by Fabio Fistarol

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

11/17/11 – Arquivo Underground – Korzus at 4º Ceará in Rock

November 14, 2011 was the launch of the fourth edition of the Ceara In Rock festival in Fortaleza. At the time, Korzus was the headliner of the night. In an exclusive interview to Arquivo Underground channel, Dick Siebert (bassist) speaks of the band’s history so far, also refutes and claims that metal is not dying in Brazil “Heavy Metal is in it’s best moment” said Dick Siebert. Check out: [portuguese only]


10/27/11 – Marcello Pompeu at Music Box program

In this last Wednesday (26/10) Marcello Pompeu, the Korzus singer, gave an spicy interview for the program Music Box. Pompeu told several curiosities of his entire career, talked about the metal scene in Brazil, among other issues. The Music Box is presented by Seventh Seal’s guitarist , Tiago Claro, and will air live every Wednesday at 18h by UPTV on the Internet.

To watch the edited version after the program and compete for giveaways just sign

10/18/11 – Rodrigo Oliveira – Drum Cam at Rock In Rio 2011

Watch below a killer video of the Korzus drummer, Rodrigo Oliveira, performing the song Never Die at the Rock in Rio 2011. More videos coming soon!

10/17/11 – Single “I Am Your God” available for download

The band Korzus São Paulo, due to the demand of hits on your site and thousands of messages sent by fans asking to download songs from the band, decided to make freely available on social networks and on their website their new single “I AmYour God.” The material was released on September 20, 2011 exclusively for MTV Brazil on the eve of the band’s performance at Rock in Rio and soon after reach the web it is already part of the playlist of many bangers out there.

The material has the support of renowned production of Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench. “I Am Your God” as well as new single became the title track of the new music video that can be seen in the official YouTube Channel and is receiving high praise from critics and audiences for his strong script and a climate of tension that takes video in the first few seconds.

In parallel, Korzus continues his tour of Brazil in support of the last acclaimed studio release “Discipline Of Hate”. For more information on how to have one of the must representatives metal bands in your town, send an email to


09/03/11 – New photo gallery from Rock In Rio

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

09/27/11 – Korzus thanks all their fans for the amazing concert at Rock in Rio! You are the best! Thanks!

09/27/11 – Korzus provides photos of the video clip of the new song “I AM YOUR GOD”

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

09/24/11 – KORZUS launches new music video “I am Your God” exclusively on the website of MTV

To give his fans around the world, Korzus available tomorrow on September 22, 2011 from 11.00 on the website of MTV ( an exclusive interview and the newest music video. The musicians of this surprise KORZUS prepared in thanks to the strong positive feedback from the public, who follow the trajectory of the band during this tour that supports the latest release “Discipline of Hate.” The accompanying video was recorded in Sao Paulo earlier this month, and had the direction of the agency Micka Michaelis Idea House, a name already known to the national metal scene because he is the mastermind of the film “Brazil Heavy Metal”. “I am Your God” is a song produced especially for this moment, is to issue an alert society and will be released only as a music video. To better express the theme dealt with the clip features the performances of the actors Marcelo Goldin figure known by the general public had participated in several telenovelas of TV Globo and Reis Tania Portuguese. Fans can expect a single even better than the band’s greatest hits, as it lives today Korzus one of the best moments of his career.

Korzus at MTV website:

For more information on obtaining a concert in your city Korzus send an email to

09/17/11 – Promo MEGA VIAGEM: taking you to Europe along with the Korzus! Announcing the winner!

The band Korzus reports that will announce the winner during the Stay Heavy Metal Show on 25/09. The winner will win a trip to Europe with Korzus where you will spend a week with the band. Korzus released the CD Discipline of Hate in June 2010 along with his sponsor MEGA ENERGY DRINK.

09/15/11 – Korzus opens the doors of his studio to TV Uniban and talks about 30 years of metal

Inspiration for young academics, the metal band Korzus, one of the attractions of the Rock in Rio on September 25, received in Sao Paulo the staff of the Music & Ban, Uniban college music program in partnership with the university channel state, which aims to inform the student an additional information on your favorite artists. In a very calm conversation, Korzus talked about all those moments for almost 30 year of carrer, including many encouraging music students to move forward on your goals and never give up on any adversity. Between music and other musicians Marcello Pompeu, Heros Trench, Antonio Araujo, Dick Siebert and Rodrigo Oliveira were exposing their views and made clear that for all members, the band is like the air we breathe, so maybe all these years. A constant comment among fans of the genre is that, due to the technical quality of the band, it is among the largest in the world.

This partnership between the Korzus and TV Uniban was a success for those who want to check, it is worth remembering that the program will air on Thursday September 15, 2011 21 o’clock Canal University No. 11 in the NET Digital Cable and No. 70 on Sky and TVA. Or for fans of the website of Uniban is already available in virtual form for that interview –

In parallel Korzus prepares the special set list for project Punk Metal All Stars to present on September 25 at Rock in Rio and on the 30th September in Sao Paulo in the venue Blackmore.

09/12/11 – Rock in Rio Extrashow: Metal & Punk Allstars Korzus in Blackmore Bar on 09/30

The band formed by musicians of the Dead Kennedys, EX-MISFITS, SUICIDALTENDENCIES and Destruction together with KORZUS reports that after the performance at Rock in Rio they will do a single extra show in Sao Paulo at Blackmore Bar on 30.09. The opening act of this show is the band FURIA INC and Michael Graves will do a accustic pocket show playing songs from the Misfits.

The unique show will have a duration longer than at Rock in Rio approx. 90 min.

The musicians are:
East Bay Ray – Dead Kennedys
Mike Clark – Suicidal Tendencies
Michael Graves – Ex Misfits
Schmier – Destruction
Marcello Pompeu – Korzus
Dick Siebert – Korzus
Heros Trench – Korzus
Antonio Araujo – Korzus
Rodrigo Oliveira – Korzus

Only 300 tickets will be sold.

- The first batch – $ 40.00
- Second set – $ 50.00
- VIP mezzanine – $ 60.00

Tickets can be purchased at the Blackmore Bar and Loja Die Hard / (Galeria do Rock – SP)

09/04/11 – Korzus speaks of the expectation for the show at the Rock In Rio

The band Korzus, one of the leading names of the Brazilian heavy metal is confirmed as one of the great attractions of the Rock In Rio 2011. The group is currently touring in Brazil releasing the acclaimed album Discipline Of Hate, after a tour of five countries, with 18 performances in Europe. To celebrate this success, Marcello Pompeu, Antonio Araujo, Heros Trench, Dick Siebert and Rodrigo Oliveira visited the studios of Jovem Pan Online and talked about the success of this new album, about the expectations for performance at Rock In Rio, and analyzing the difficulty of playing metal in Brazil.

08/31/11 – Korzus – Campaign Donate an Instrument

The musicians in the band Korzus, followed the example of the great names of Brazilian music in a major campaign organized by the social production of the Rock in Rio. The Campaign Donate an Instrument is promoted in order to teach the importance of music for poor children throughout Brazil, while also offering the chance of a new office through art.

Being on the eve of a major music festivals in the world, this action has moved all of those involved. Videos Campaign Donate an instrument, are available for viewing on the festival site and on YouTube.

Besides the participation of Korzus, Capital Inicial, Cidade Negra, Jota Quest are also fighting for this cause. In parallel, the band still performing concerts of his tour in support of their seventh studio album, “Discipline Of Hate”.

08/25/11 – Korzus grants exclusive interview with Musician magazine

The guys tell all about the preparations for the Rock in Rio, the course of their careers in today’s market, new projectsand ideas for 2012.
Who want to check out the video below.

08/25/11 – Korzus at the cover of Rock Post Magazine

In an interview Marcelo Pompeu, lead singer of the band Korzus talks about his expectations for the Rock in Rio, the band’s new album as well as exposing fans to their own concepts on various subjects. Worth checking out, the magazine of musical information is availablefor download at:

08/04/11 – KORZUS at Jaraguá do Sul/SC 08/13

Infos: (47) 3370-9160 (47) 9981-7330

08/02/11 – Korzus at Revista Rock Meeting #23

Click at the following link to read: [portuguese only]

07/26/11 – An excerpt from the Korzus show at Sesc Ipiranga 07.17.11

07/20/11 – Killer pics from Korzus at Sesc Ipiranga São Paulo/SP 17/07/2011

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery


Marcello Pompeu, lead singer of the thrash metal band Korzus, participated in the recording of the 20th edition of the Heavy Nation program, at UOL Radio.
Among the topics covered in the interview conducted by Paula Baldassarri and Julio Feriato Pompeu commented the band’s last tour in Europe and how is the preparations for their participation in the Rock in Rio. The singer also explained the reasons why the band did not play any more musics from the LP “Sonho Maníaco”, released in 1987, and also about nostalgia for 80 years, which he considers exaggerated. This and much more you can listen to Heavy Nation Program, this Saturday, 1pm, at UOL Radio. Do not miss! [portuguese only]

07/15/11 – Special show at Sesc Ipiranga 07/17

Sesc Ipiranga
Rua Bom Pastor, 822 – São Paulo | Tel: 3340-2000 |

07/05/11 – Killer pics from Korzus at São Carlos/SP 07/02/2011

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

07/05/11 – Interview at CBN radio and articles on the website of São Carlos

To access the interview, click below: (portuguese only)

To read the article, access: (portuguese only)

27/06/11 – Show in São Carlos – 07/02/11

06/13/11 – Killer pics and videos from show with Slayer/09.06.2011 – Sao Paulo (Via Funchal)

To view the pics just visit our photo gallery

Song: “Discipline of Hate”, + “Raise Your Soul”, + “Revolution”

Song: “Discipline of Hate”

Song: “What Are You Looking For & Never Die”

Song: “Never Die”

Song: “Truth”

Song: “Raise Your Soul”

Song: “Raise Your Soul”

Song: “Revolution”

Song: “Guilty Silence”

05/28/11 – Korzus: New MySpace and website’s online with emphasis on new merchandise

New website and MySpace’s with new features: news, new topics, many more pictures, information in English for worldwide fans, fan club, etc..

Featured both on the official site and MySpace are the new line of merchandise with various models of T-shirts and various accessories.

To access the new merchandise and MySpace: and

05/28/11 – RedeTV’s website provides excerpts from the Korzus show at the Carioca Club in Sao Paulo 05/22/11,13,191405,jornalismo,leitura-dinamica-2a-ed,exclusivo-melhores-momentos-do-show-do-korzus-em-sp

1) Guilty Silence
2) Discipline of Hate
3) Truth
4) Respect
5) Revolution
6) Raise Your Soul
7) Screaming for Death

Interview with Korzus at RedeTv about Rock in Rio:,13,190672,jornalismo,leitura-dinamica-2a-ed,korzus-fala-sobre-novo-album-e-show-no-rock-in-rio

Another videos from YouTube:

Wall of Death + “Who´s going to be the next?”


“Truth” and “Respect”

“The World is A Stage”

Review @ Whiplash:

05/25/11 – Killer pictures from Korzus at Carioca Club 05/22/11

Just visit our photo gallery to see it

05/25/11 – Rodrigo Oliveira in the third meeting of drummers at Blumenau

At the days 11 and 12 of June 2011 occurs the third meeting of drummers at Blumenau/SC. We will have 3 Pearl endorses attending the event, they are: Rodrigo Oliveira, Fábio Schneider and Jp Drums.

To register click on the link:

Korzus announces that they will open the show for Slayer in São Paulo

Korzus informes that they will open the show for Thrash legend SLAYER in São Paulo on the June 9th, 2011. About 6000 fans are expected for this gig. Korzus will play the same songs from the setlist of their recent European tour with Ektomorf. More infos at:

Korzus releases new line of merchandise

Today the Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Korzus releases their new line of merchandise based on the successful album “Discipline of Hate” (AFM Records). Different kinds of T-Shirts, caps, patches and stickers are available on the band´s new Myspace page ( or here on the official site on the “Merchandise” page.

Or send an e-mail to:

Korzus @ Show Livre – Check it out!




Raise Your Soul:

What Are You Looking For:


Never Die:

Discipline of Hate:

Korzus @ MTV

Program “NA BRASA” presented by China will air on March 28, 2011 at 20:30, Monday. PREMIERE VIDEO CLIP “TRUTH” ON MTV.

Click on photos below to enlarge:

Korzus: Monday 03/28/11 @ MTV

Korzus today was in the MTV show “Na Brasa, “presented by VJ China. The program will air on Monday, 03.28at 08:30pmand will premiere the music video “Truth”.

The band will also talk about his recent tour in Europe, participation in the Rock in Rio and on plans for the future.

Interview with Dick Siebert

Korzus @ Hell Divine

To view the screen, go to:

Music video “Truth” premiere on REDETV! network

REDETV channel confirms that the music video “Truth” will debut today, on 03.16 11:55pm at the program LEITURA DINÂMINA along with a story about the band.

The clip that already has more than 115,000 visits can be seen on YouTube:

Korzus confirmed at Rock in Rio 2011

The band brings together icons of punk and metal at Rock in Rio!

Korzus was officially announced as one of the attractions of the Rock in Rio. The group will perform at the Sunset Stage and has invited world’s great icons. The project, called The Punk Metal AllStars, has nothing less than the guitarist of Dead Kennedys, East Bay Ray, the former lead singer of the Misfits, Michael Graves, the leader of Destruction Schmier and another guest to be announced at soon. The Korzuswill perform on September 25, Metal Day, along with Sepultura, Angra, Metallica, Slipknot, Motörhead and Coheed and Cambria (on the World Stage). To see all the attractions of the Stage Sunset Rock In Rio, click here.
Visit the official site of the Rock in Rio:

Korzus: Check out videos from Switzerland!

Korzus, who recently completed a European tour alongside Hungarian band Ektomorf, has posted two new videos on YouTube, recorded live at the K7 in Pratteln. Z7 is the largest venue in Switzerland with a capacity for 2,500 people, and where the biggest names in Metal abroad perform. This was the penultimate show of the tour to promote the latest album, “Discipline of Hate”, on European soil.

To view, go to:

The tour dates are as follows:

02.02.11 – Viena / Áustria
03.02.11 – Salzburgo / Áustria
04.02.11 – Graz / Áustria
05.02.11 – Jena / Alemanha
06.02.11 – Nuremberg / Alemanha
08.02.11 – Stuttgart / Alemanha
09.02.11 – Darmstadt / Alemanha
10.02.11 – Hamburgo / Alemanha
11.02.11 – Leer / Alemanha
12.02.11 – Flensburg / Alemanha
13.02.11 – Colônia / Alemanha
15.02.11 – Braunschweig / Alemanha
16.02.11 – Freiburg / Alemanha
17.02.11 – Munique / Alemanha
18.02.11 – Cham / Alemanha
19.02.11 – Pratteln / Suíça
20.02.11 – Vosselaar / Bélgica

New video shows the band´s tour bus in Europe!
Korzus, who toured Europe alongside Hungarian band Ektomorf, has posted a new video on YouTube which shows the inside of their tour bus directly from Stuttgart (GER), where the group performed on Nov. 8th.

Now the band’s playing eight more concerts in Germany until February 2nd. These will be followed by gigs in Switzerland and Belgium. “We’re increasing our fan base with each passing day. They are very impressed with our energy on stage” says bassist Dick Siebert.

To see the video, go to:

Now the band’s for eight more concerts in Germany until the day 18/02. Then follow the dates in Switzerland and Belgium. “We’re doing more each day and some fans are saying we are the headliners. They are very impressed with our energy on stage” says bassist Dick Siebert.

Korzus: check out the footage of the gig in Salzburg (AUT)!

Brazilian Thrash Metal band Korzus embarked on Nov. 30 to Europe, where they´re on tour with Hungarian band Ektomorf to promote their latest album, “Discipline Of Hate”, released last year by German label AFM Records. After a 14 hour trip via Amsterdam, Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Dick Siebert (bass), Heros Trench (guitars), Antonio Araujo (guitars) and Rodrigo Oliveira (drums) arrived in Hamburg (GER) and then boarded the tour bus (nightliner) to start the 18 date tour.

The first stop was Austria, where the group performed in Vienna, Salzburg and Graz. Check out the video on YouTube for “Guilty Silence” – song that opens the gigs – recorded at Rockhouse in Salzburg on February 3rd. To view, go to:

The tour dates are the following:

02.02.11 – Vienna / AUT
03.02.11 – Salzburg / AUT
04.02.11 – Graz / AUT
05.02.11 – Jena / GER
06.02.11 – Nuremberg / GER
08.02.11 – Stuttgart / GER
09.02.11 – Darmstadt / GER
10.02.11 – Hamburg / GER
11.02.11 – Leer / GER
12.02.11 – Flensburg / GER
13.02.11 – Cologne / GER
15.02.11 – Braunschweig / GER
16.02.11 – Freiburg / GER
17.02.11 – Munich / GER
18.02.11 – Cham / GER
19.02.11 – Pratteln / SUI
20.02.11 – Vosselaar / BEL

Interview with Dick & Antônio in WIKIMETAL!

Check out the interview that Dick and Antônio granted the portal WIKIMETAL! Access:

Promotion MEGA TRAVEL closed!

Korzus reports that the successful promotion “Mega Travel with Korzus to Europe” has ended. “The promotion is a partnership between Korzus and Mega Energy drink and will take one fan to Europe in one of the band’s upcoming tours in 2011.

Korzus thanks all the fans who sent letters with creative phrases. The letters are now being analysed and the winner will be announced by the band very soon!

Korzus confirms European tour in 2011!

To continue promoting the internationally celebrated CD Discipline of Hate, Korzus announces that they´ll go to Europe in February 2011 to begin the first part of the Discipline of Hate tour Europe 2011. The tour will pass through four countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Korzus will play with Ektomorf and two opening bands in venues with a capacity for 1.000/2.000 people. More details about the tour coming soon.

Discipline Of Hate Europe Tour Part 1 with Ektomorf

02.02.11 – Wien
03.02.11 – Salzburg
04.02.11 – Graz
05.02.11 – Jena
06.02.11 – Nürnberg
08.02.11 – Stuttgart
09.02.11 – Darmstadt
10.02.11 – Hamburg
11.02.11 – Leer
12.02.11 – Flensburg
13.02.11 – Köln
15.02.11 – Braunschweig
16.02.11 – Freiburg
17.02.11 – München
18.02.11 – Cham
19.02.11 – Pratteln
20.02.11 – Vosselaar

Korzus interviewed in Whiplash.NET!

Click below to read!


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